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Systems Medicine

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At the Center for Systems Medicine, our mission is to leverage big data to decrease the distance between the bench and the bedside. Data has become a commodity in the life sciences and medicine. Advances in computing power and high-throughput technologies have shifted the biomedical paradigm from being limited in the amount and types of data one could collect to being constrained by the hypotheses to follow up on and the analyses to conduct. One challenge for this new era of biology and medicine is how to prioritize research findings to validate and identify actionable insights that can translate into better outcomes for patients.

The Center for Systems Medicine focuses on creating discovery pipelines that combine high-throughput profiling technologies with advanced statistical and machine learning approaches to develop computational models that capture a comprehensive picture of the entire human system—molecules, cells, tissues, organs, and the environment. These models become predictive tools that enable us to move rapidly from big data to better diagnostics and therapeutics. Our current efforts are to:

The Clinic

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The Problem

Health is complicated: Health is a continuum, not merely absence of disease. Yet we still don’t know how to quantify what it means to be healthy. Our inability to measure health underlies difficulties in predicting and preventing illness while motivating patients to adopt healthy lifestyles and behaviors. We cannot manage what we do not measure.

Innovation is complicated: Biomedical innovation takes on average 17 years to reach clinical practice. Today’s healthcare system is not conducive to taking new ideas from insight to implementation.

The Solution

Lab100 at Mount Sinai is a prototype clinical program designed to provide patients with comprehensive health assessment and evidence-based health optimization. Patients enrolled in this unique program also serve as collaborators as we develop, validate, and deploy scalable products and services across the continuum of care and collect multi-scale health data to fuel our research and innovation mission. In addition to genome sequencing, microbiome analysis, metabolomics, and other biomolecular/biochemical assays, we are deploying quantitative tools toward characterization of neurocognitive function, physical performance, body composition, and immune function. We are also incorporating longitudinal tracking of sleep, fitness, metabolism, and environment within a platform to engage and support patients toward their desired health outcomes. By closing the feedback loop between discovery science and care delivery, Lab100 aims to create a virtuous cycle of innovation that radically accelerates the pace at which promising ideas are translated into clinical practice.

The Mission

Empower patients: Deliver personalized evidence-based health assessment and optimization Develop products: Develop, validate, and deploy scalable products and services across the continuum of care.

Fuel research: Collect multi-scale biomedical data to drive our research mission.


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The Health Data and Design Innovation Center (HD2I) is part of the newly-formed Institute for Next Generation Healthcare at the Mount Sinai School of Medicine. Located in the heart of Silicon Valley, we build, test and deploy new technologies to support the healthcare system of the future. In tight collaboration with industry and clinical partners, we identify promising new health technologies, find cheap, reliable, and scalable ways to evaluate and improve them, and develop software and analytics tools to integrate them seamlessly into clinical practice.

Our vision is continuous innovation: a healthcare system that learns through practice, breaking down the barriers between scientific research and patient experience.